The Reveal



The Reveal


We understand that it can be difficult to decide who to invite when shopping for your bridal gown. While having a large group with varying opinions may seem like a fun idea, it can often lead to a tricky experience for the bride. To alleviate these concerns, we offer “Bridal Gown Reveal Appointment” as a perfect solution.


These appointments are held on Wednesdays and Friday evenings from 4pm-6pm, and are designed for you to bring up to three to five guests. It's an excellent opportunity to accessorize your look and get a sneak peek at maids, moms or flower girls designs options.


We suggest selecting two to four people whose opinions you trust and who understand your personal style and vision for your wedding to accompany you when choosing your gown. Then, you can invite the rest of your family and friends for our AEB Bridal Reveal Appointment to celebrate your selection. This way, you experience the joy and excitement of revealing your gown to your loved ones without the stress of too many opinions. Everyone is sure to be happy!




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